4 Most Popular Butt Plugs and How to Use Them


The anchor plug in 3 sizes is safe where it should sit. By squeezing the two ends apart, the plug can simply be pushed into the anus. Once the anal plug is in the anal area, the two ends open and the plug sits securely and firmly. The slim base ensures that the anal muscle relaxes when the plug is in place. The narrow, elongated foot of the plug ensures high wearing comfort – even over long periods of time and discreetly under clothing. The plug can be carefully removed with the help of the stopper which ensures that the plug does not slip further inside the body than wanted after use.

The plug is made of 100% silicone. He is flexible and yet stable. Silicone is easy to care for and hypoallergenic.

We have the plug in 3 sizes in the program. Depending on the level of experience, you can choose the right size.

You are looking for a whole new experience in sex? Why do not you try the back door? The anal area is a particularly erogenous zone regardless of gender and offers you the opportunity to experience your sex even more intense. Whether man or woman, properly stimulated you experience intense orgasms and want more.

Most have probably heard of anal plugs before, but all too often it is dismissed as a sex toy that “other people use”. You can experience so much fun with anal plugs,vibrators and anal chains . Anal pleasure is independent of sexuality or gender. Many women like to be pampered by their partner so even more and also turned around, heterosexual men experience much more intense orgasms thanks to Analtoy. In order to support the open and adventurous beginners a little, we have put together a few small tips. Like what types of butt plugs you may like most are out there? Let us find out.

Size just matters

Yes, dear ones, but that’s true. The size is crucial, at least when it comes to choosing the right analtoys for you. It’s not just about the length, but also the scope is crucial. After all, this depends on whether you can introduce your new sex toy at all and whether you will ever consider again later want to bring your backside in the sex.

Which anal sex toy is right for me?

There is just the right Analtoy for everyone, from the nervous and still insecure beginner to the experienced fetish lover. To find exactly the right toy for you, that make you feel a whole new desire, here’s a little overview:

Plugs for beginners and analgesics

If you have no experience with the pleasure in the anal area, then we recommend you to start with the smallest possible sex toy. The smallest traditionally shaped anal plug, such as the anal vibrator, is about 1.2 to 2.8 cm in diameter at the widest point. A few warm-up exercises should fuel you enough for you or your partner to introduce such a plug without problems. It helps if you introduce your finger with lubricant at the beginning and distribute it generously there and get used to the feeling. Thanks to the ergonomic and conical shape you will be able to introduce the vibrator comfortably and gently. Does that still sound too much for you? Do not worry; there are other ways into the back door. Anal chain For example, whether static or with vibration, in comparison to plugs have an overall slim shape and can be introduced much easier. With the Pleasure Intensified, a soft anal chain, you will have a lot of fun both as a beginner and later as a professional. As a beginner it is important to know how to properly clean our sex  toys, also better check the wide range of anal toy collection which loveplugs.com.au ship worldwide.

Standard Anal plug

For something more experienced, recommend the “standard size” of an anal plug, Not too small but not too big. It’s just the right diameter for an intense pleasure. A normal sized plug is about 6-10 cm. Everything over 15 cm at the widest point is one of the big anal plugs. For example, the Nexus Ace Anal Plug is a very good standard anal plug. This is at its widest point 7 cm in diameter and also comes with vibration for the extra kick. If you are not sure if you would like to switch from a beginner plug to a bigger one, then it is best to choose a smaller size and do not try it with a full 5 cm more in diameter. There are plenty of anal sextoys in a variety of sizes, such as Pointy, with which you can slowly feel your way to bigger things.


The most well-known specialists among the Analtoys are prostate massagers, Sure, the ladies can not keep up here, unfortunately, because the prostate is unfortunately an attribute, which is reserved for men’s world. Nonetheless, ladies can naturally enjoy themselves when their men almost go in for pleasure when this particular point is gently processed. Some men are able to achieve orgasm only through stimulation of the prostate and just about all those who have tried it report a more intense orgasm. The award-winning Excel Violet is a Nexus Prostate Massager that, with its ideal shape, provides precise stimulation and can even be used without the help of your hands. You will experience even longer and more intense orgasms than ever before. You can read about the benefits of the regular prostate massage as well as tips and procedures here.


Is anal sex not unhygienic?

Of course, the most frequently asked question is about hygiene, especially if you are venturing yourself to this level for the first time. Do not worry, if you use an anal shower before you start exploring, the thought of unhygienic conditions will not stop you. Many partners feel much more relaxed and self-confident, and are more open to exploring new areas.

Always think about lubes!

One of the most important facts, if not the most important, is of course the lubricant! Never without! Do not forget, you want to have fun with the action and do not regret afterwards to have introduced a sex toy without a corresponding lubricant. You should always remember to use the right lubricant for the corresponding toy. Although silicone-based lubricant provides extremely long-lasting and smooth lubricity, but should not be used with silicone sextoys, as this can attack the material. It is best to use water-based lubricant, which can be safely used with both toys and condoms.

Why do most plugs have a flat base?

Each of your anal sextoys should either have a flat base, such as the stainless steel plug with crystal, a kind of grip, or something similar to the base that keeps the toy from being pulled into the body. Unlike the vagina, where the cervix automatically acts as a stopper, there is no natural stop in the anal area. Without the built-in stopper in the form of a flat base, the anal plug would penetrate ever deeper into the body and could ultimately end up with a most embarrassing visit to the ER or worse.