Fun Butt Plug Activities You Can Enjoy with Your Smart Phone


Anal sex toys today cannot just give a feeling of fullness. They are able to vibrate to the beat of the music, move in a dozen modes and be controlled even from a distance. All this has become possible, as anal plugs are controlled from a smart phone. And a special application greatly increases their functionality.

How to use butt plugs controlled from a smart phone?

These devices to control butt plug activities are turned on with buttons on the case and with the help of a telephone. Modern technology makes the application exciting and bright. Movement inside can be felt by selecting images on the screen.

Remote butt plugs are wonderful devices for couples. You can trust the choice of speed partner. He can do it inconspicuously or demonstratively. You can tease a person, not letting him finish, or cause instant orgasms.

And such anal plugs are suitable for wearing. The base of the manufacturers makes a small, but conveniently fits between the buttocks and does not interfere with the movements. As a result, you can turn on the anal plug, controlled by a smart phone, even in a crowded place. Experiments are permissible at work, in the gym, for a walk, etc. The sleeves work silently, so no one knows what is happening in the body around. If you want to know more about butt plugs, check this array of collection that’s published here.

Models anal plugs, working with a smart phone

Today, there are not many anal plugs with remote control using gadgets. You can buy the following options. They are all in our catalog and are presented at the best price in the country.

Hush is a butt plug controlled from a smart phone. This is a teardrop sleeve, available in two sizes. A large model has a maximum diameter of 4.4 cm, a small one – 3.8 cm. It is gradually introduced into the body without causing pain. The leg is narrow, when walking does not interfere, therefore, it is often used for wearing. Created from medical silicone, it can safely be in a body for 6 hours in a body. Sex toy rechargeable, charging is included. You can turn on the button on the case or using the application on your smart phone. Hush does not just vibrate at the given modes, but can move to the beat of the music or the surrounding sounds. It is especially interesting to include it somewhere at a concert or in a noisy place, and then to dance along with the device. It works silently, does not stand out under the clothes. Black color is laconic for anal stimulation.

Ditto (We-Vibe)

We-Vibe’s unique butt plug is designed for lovers of good things. It contains all the possible advantages of modern sex toys. It is waterproof, rechargeable, made of high quality silicone. And it works in 10 modes, and each can be turned on at 10 different speeds. Ditto cork is absolutely silent, so it can be worn anywhere in the body. And controlled butt plug from a smart phone or remote control. With the convenient application in your phone, you can turn it on at any time and enjoy easy trembling in the most sensitive places. Ditto is a sex toy that can be used by both men and women. This is a great solution for experimenting alone and in pairs. The manufacturer presented 2 colors, you can choose the one that you like more.

Nuo (Je Joue)

Nuo is a premium class anal stimulator that is controlled from a smart phone or a stylish pen-shaped console. This is a flexible butt plug with two motors inside. The first massages the prostate, the second crotch, which gives a unique sensation. In the sex toy provides a variety of modes, each can turn on with different intensity. It can be used by women to stimulate point G when inserted into the vagina. Butt plug rechargeable, no need for batteries, no need to worry about buying them. Use Nuo is permissible under water, it is not afraid of moisture. And it can also be controlled from a distance using an application installed on two smart phones. The diameter of the submersible part at the widest point is 3.6 cm. The silicone sleeve can be used with a lubricant only on a water basis.

Surfer plug (PicoBong)

Surfer plug is a small bright butt plug, with remote control from a smart phone. Its diameter at the widest point is only 3.4 cm. It is very easy to inject into the body. It is immersed in 8.5 cm. The two-color case is completely covered with silicone. Sex toy has no smell or taste. And it turns on using a special application. In total, it has 6 different vibration modes, each working with a different intensity. And the device vibrates in time with the music. An application is a player, you only need to include your favorite tunes in it, and the device inside the body will begin to actively move in the same rhythm. And there is also the ability to control at a distance. But then one smart phone should be near the toy, and the second anywhere in the world. It only takes the internet to send a vibrant hi.

Choosing sex toys with remote control, you should pay attention to the rimming cork. It does not connect to the smart phone, it only includes a remote control. But on the other hand, it has unique features that will definitely appeal to the user.

Butt plug BVIBE

Rimming BVIBE stopper imitates anglings. With its help, you can feel the movements that are similar to the caresses of the lips and tongue. In the stem are movable beads in 6 rows. They move in a circle with different intensity, giving a very unusual sensation. And in the head of the anal plug is also placed a vibrator. The combination of two movements can bring to orgasm in seconds. A total of 15 modes of operation are provided: 9 vibrations and 6 circular stimulation with beads and rechargeable Sex toy. But put in the water is prohibited. He is not afraid of splashes, but not created for immersion. There are no analogs of such movements in other sex devices, so this butt plug is worth trying.

What kind of butt plug to choose?

Of course, controlled by a smart phone. This option will allow you to get more emotions than simple devices. The number of opportunities with them is more sensations brighter. And although they are not cheap, you should pay for such feelings.