Guide to Having an Orgasm with Prostate Massage


A prostate massage can give your partner a very special orgasm, the prostate is practically the G-spot of the man. Although the prostate is rarely associated with sex, it is an internal sexual organ that can give men the highest sex pleasures. It is a very sensitive organ that can be stimulated internally and externally. Unfortunately, the prostate is far too often neglected, yet it would be so important that it is stimulated and thus gives the man an explosive orgasm.

How can the prostate be stimulated?

The prostate gland can be stimulated internally and externally, that’s up to you and your partner. With a little pressure and circular movements, you can easily massage the prostate and present the man with completely new feelings of pleasure. Sure, it’s not for everyone, to put your finger in the anus, alternatively, you can also use a sex toy here. Also, the inner massage urgently needs to be discussed with the partner, he must already agree with an internal stimulation. Which sex toy you use is very individual, because every sex toy has its pros and cons. Check this prostate massager that most user recommends, you can try this with your partner and together with other massager to see which toy fits best and what makes him the highest desire. Be gentle, but do not be shy. The partner is certainly very surprised at the beginning,

The Internal Massage of the Prostate

If you want to stimulate the prostate directly from the inside, be sure to discuss this with your partner in advance. You should not surprise the man, because not everyone is thrilled when you penetrate through the “back door” in him. Before sex, you should absolutely cut your fingernails, because you could easily hurt the partner. You should also provide a condom and some lubricant; the toy should penetrate painless and hygienic in the male body.

In order to successfully stimulate the prostate, your finger or the sex toy should be inserted about five centimeters into the intestine. It is important that you are very careful and if the partner says “stop”, you really have to stop the massage. By force you should not continue a prostate massage. For beginners, it is not easy to really recognize the prostate, but if the man is already agitated, it swells and is easier to palpate. Then you should push with your finger or with the sex toy in the direction of the abdominal wall. Once the prostate is found, you can begin to massage the organ. Be very careful and always pay attention to the partner’s reaction. Circling movements and light pressure will give him undreamt of joys. Is edging bad for your prostate? Don’t forget to ask this question to the expert.

The External Prostate Massage

Of course you can also do the prostate massage if the partner does not want you to penetrate the body. For this purpose, the area between the scrotum and anus – the perineum – is massaged with a vibrator. The pressure may be slightly stronger, but your partner will tell you whether he feels like pleasure or the massage is painful. You do not have to make any preparations here, the vibrator is ready anyway. Thus, men also enjoy a prostate massage that really refuses to introduce a foreign body into their anus.

There are anal vibrators that have been specially developed for prostate massage. For example, the Joy division booster specifically massages the prostate in three vibration stages and also stimulates the perineum, thus combining the inner and outer stimulation of the prostate.

In the prostate massage, also called Greek massage, the prostate (G-spot) of the man is stimulated. Many men have a sexual climax with intense stimulation of the rectum without stimulating the penis itself. The prostate in conjunction with a tantra massage can reconcile sexual stimulation and relaxation.

Experience an incomparable orgasm

The prostate massage also likes to find an important place in the dominant area. With the Greek massage our beautiful girls have you fully in the hand and let you sink completely in the massage. Let yourself fall completely, relax completely and experience a unique orgasm that you have never experienced before. Men who regularly have Greek massages / prostate massages carried out on their own experience a higher level of well-being and incomparable sensitization in the anal area.

Prostate massage

Our special offer for men: The prostate massage “Secret-Feeling” is an extension of the classic tantric massage. You will first enjoy the awakening of the entire body with gentle massage touches and sensual elements. When your energy has been built up, you will experience the massage of your intimate area – the lingam massage (Sanskrit for penis). You will also receive a careful anal and prostate massage. The massage of this particular area and the prostate are a pleasure for most men. We call this special feeling secret feeling.

The prostate massage as part of the Tantric massage for the man

How is the prostate massage going? It is important that the recipient feels comfortable and communicates at all times in case something feels uncomfortable. During the massage, the thighs and pelvic floor are gently touched, sometimes kneaded vigorously, then brushed out again and revitalized by gentle shaking. This prepares the area around the anus to open and relax the intimate touch of the prostate. As long as the sphincter is not relaxed, the touch can be painful. If the prostate massage is performed before there is a high level of arousal, it may feel like a medical check-up. That’s why we take a lot of time before the prostate massage to kindle the lust for the senses.

Does the prostate orgasm belong to the anal massage?

If he comes, then this is certainly a very special “Secret Feeling” – the sky flight for men: The prostate massage can be an orgasm in some men. It does not necessarily come to an ejaculation. The feeling is described by men more like an internal orgasm. A prostate orgasm can – like any orgasm – be done by caressing stroking and massaging with a lot of time and dedication.

Is the prostate the “G-spot” of the man?

According to recent scientific findings, the woman’s G-spot tissue is the same as the tissue of the male prostate, demonstrably already in the embryonic state, before both areas develop differently depending on gender. In this respect, the prostate can also be called the G-spot of the man, just as the G-spot (better: the G-surface) of the woman can be called the prostate of the woman. In the Tantric massage, we experience that a prostate massage for the man can have a similar intense sexual effect as the woman’s G-spot massage. The best way for a man to try out what it feels like for himself.