Is it possible to replace people with robots in terms of sexual satisfaction in the future?


When someone mentions sex and adult toys, most of us don’t connect it with the latest International Consumer Electronics Show. However, such events do not shy from introducing adult-only products and possible ideas for the future. As such, it seems like we hear about how our robot companions will also become our intimate partners in the decades and centuries ahead of us.


Sure enough, it might seem like a lifetime before such ideas become a reality, but it’s not like that at all. Even today, many of us enjoy high-tech sex toys and gadgets. From fancy vibrators and Wi-Fi-controlled anal plugs to VR headsets that come complete with Bluetooth-connected fleshlights — the future is here already. But all this brings an important question before us. Will cyborg sex be possible? Well, let’s find out, shall we?

The Life Back Then

Before we can talk about the days to come, we need to go back in time. In fact, we need to discuss what it was like before there was an established adult industry. Despite common belief, masturbation was always a thing, and it wasn’t that primitive. We always needed something extra in our lives to maximize carnal pleasure. Archeologists prove this by discovering numerous stone phalli that date to prehistoric times. Similar items would keep repeating through the past, with more or less detail.


Yet, it wasn’t until the late 19th century that we’d get a fully operational vibrator. Back then, Mortimer Granville was trying to cure female hysteria. He came up with a mechanical dildo, changing our lives forever. But what were people doing without toys? In case you wanted to up your sex life, you would need to be creative until the second part of the 20th century. From role-playing to group sex, all of that was a thing throughout history. As such, you can’t argue that they were missing out on something special.

The Main Purpose of Robots

So, were robots always meant to be sex workers? Well, of course not. The main idea behind robots was to make life easier for humans. In essence, they were meant to do things that require many people or are simply dangerous. Since they aren’t sentient — at least not yet — they don’t have any problems with doing repetitive actions without pay. They are machines that come to life at the press of a button.


Nevertheless, like with all things surrounding us, we tend to sexualize them. In the beginning, when the idea of humanoid robots was all-new, fiction writers would include them in romance novels and pulp pieces as futuristic love dolls. All this was behind some people’s growing fetish for robots. Now, decades later, we watch movies that depict love between humans and artificial intelligence, like Spike Jonze’s Her or Alex Garland’s Ex-Machina.

Is It Possible to Replace Humans?

Since we’ve said how robots came about due to replacing dangerous and repetitive tasks, why can’t they replace humans in sex? Well, they can, but it’s not that easy. Of course, none of this is real in the present. All our thoughts are speculations made by leading scientists in robotics. But let’s get back on track.

We can see a future where you could have an actual sex robot companion. They can mimic both men and women, as well as transsexual people. In fact, the number of choices you could make to change your partner’s appearance will be endless. However, it’s not just how realistic life-size robots will look and can they pull off credible facial expressions.


The real question is, “could robotic sex replace human sex?” Well, with current technology, it can’t even come close. Sure, the robot might be able to pound you for hours with its penis always up and firm, but there’s so much more to sex than just physicality. They would need to be AI sex robots with developed speech abilities and a decision-making algorithm.

How Robots Could Affect Sexual Pleasure

Currently, many singles are into silicone sex dolls. Due to being lonesome or because they simply have a doll fetish, they have fun in various ways with these inanimate objects. But how would they improve their game if they had an AI robot sex doll by their side? And would they even change it for the better?


The main idea behind robot sex is to improve normal one. Aside from having a partner that’s willing to do and try anything you have in mind, your cyborg lover can last as long as you want them to. Additionally, sex robots can be more precise when it comes to finding the G-spot, how to tingle your clit best, or how warm you want their hole to be.

Disadvantages of Robot Sex

Sex with robots is still far away from us. It won’t be another couple of decades before ordinary folks can try it out. Nevertheless, regardless of how excited all kinksters are, we need to mention how robot sex won’t fix everything for you. It will, moreover, have its own disadvantages and problems. But what could those be, you ask?


The first con we can imagine is the one of infidelity. We can imagine people who have partners buying sex robots to have sex with them. Of course, this seems like it’s better than cheating with an actual human, but it still is a form of being unfaithful. That is only if the other partner is unaware of such action. If they are, it could be a new form of swinging.

Another issue people might have with sex robots is that such a practice can provide a platform for people to practice non-consensual intercourse. It can also change making love to an even less romantic act. And lastly, some point out how robots can be programmed to act like minors, indulging users who suffer from pedophilia.