Sex Robot and Sex Doll Facts That Improved Human Experience


Even if most people don’t associate sex accessories and toys and high-end technology, these two actually go hand-in-hand. From Wi-Fi vibrators to remote-controlled anal beads, we’re living a geeky sex fantasy as we speak.


However, we’re here to talk about robosexuality and top-notch sex dolls and how they’re about to change our private life forever. In other words, the sci-fi future we’ve been waiting for is already here. So, let’s see what sexbots and dolls have to offer.

The General Importance of Sex Robots and Sex Dolls

In essence, sexbots and realistic love mannequins are human-like figures. They have been around in pop culture for some time as subjects of numerous science-fiction flicks, books, and graphic novels. Nevertheless, there are still no completely operational sex robots, and top-quality sex dolls are rare to find on the market. There are various versions of sexbots around, but they can’t replicate everything we’d want from a partner just yet, and most of them appear at trade shows and sex fairs/festivals.


However, you can make a clear distinction between sex robots and dolls. Bots are an advanced version of dolls, meaning they have artificial intelligence and don’t require you to move them around in bed — or anywhere else, for that matter. Both dolls and bots can resemble males and females, which allows straight people, gays, and lesbians to interact with them in whatever way they like.


The main goal of both these advanced toys is to provide people with company, helping them overcome loneliness and experience intimacy. But like with all things new and revolutionary, certain groups debate the morality of exploiting sentient robots and lifeless dolls for far-fetched fetishes and kinks. Either way, some scientists claim that we’ll have them by our side by the middle of this century.

Satisfying Justin Bieber Fantasies

It’s no secret that some A-list porn stars are selling the rights to their likeness to adult toy manufacturers to produce their official doppelganger sex dolls. However, some kinksters are not interested in them. They’ve seen their naked bodies already. Alas, they’re looking for dolls that resemble their favorite singers, actors, and other celebrities.


Recently, there was a lot of talk about a doll that looks almost like the famous pop singer Justin Bieber. Although he wasn’t as keen about it, tons of people began to order the love mannequin online. But the best thing about it was that you can choose specific parts of the body, including the hairstyle, eye color, and most importantly — penis size.

Stress-Free Love and Affection: Are They Synthetic, Though?

Marrying an actual human can prove too much for some people. Both partners need to satisfy each other’s feelings and needs, and if they don’t, the whole thing eventually goes to waste. Divorces and unhappy relationships are all so common nowadays. However, what if you find real love with a sex robot or a doll? Well, it’s an entirely different story.


Being married to a lifeless mannequin means there’s no chance of them walking out on you, sending you angry texts about your whereabouts, and no heartbreak if you decide to leave them for another. No wonder some men claim they’ve found real love with realistic sex dolls and are eagerly waiting to try it out with upcoming robots! Their bond is so tight. It’s like they’re living the cheesiest of romantic films.

Better STD Prevention and Protection

Interestingly enough, sex dolls came to full fruition during WWII. Back then, the Nazis had a big problem with their soldier catching STI while having sex with prostitutes in occupied territories, so they began sending their troops dolls to have sex with.


This idea is still fresh. Having sex with a robot or a doll means no chance of nasty infections and diseases. That’s, of course, if you don’t share your love mannequin or sexbot with other people. 

Pedophile’s Satisfaction but With Kids Protection

There’s no doubt sex with minors is wrong and a criminal offense. We’re not here to object to that. However, instead of letting pedophiles get away with it, they can have sex with dolls and robots that resemble kids. This way, they won’t have the urge to do it with actual children, making them safe and in the clear.


Sure, this is a tricky topic, and we get it. But should we just keep repeating that, or should we act upon it and find a solution? Well, we lean towards the latter. With realistic-looking dolls and fully functional sex robots, pedophiles will get to enjoy their paraphilia without causing any harm to their surroundings. It might be worth the shot.

Getting Thrifty by Reinventing Prostitution

Lastly, we’d like to talk about sex robots and dolls replacing prostitutes all over the globe. Although this isn’t anywhere near over, the future doesn’t look good for male and female hookers. Why? Well, there won’t be pimps around to endanger the safety of both sex workers and their customers.


Being able to walk into a shop and request sex with a robot or a realistic sex doll without worrying if it’s legal or if someone’s looking to rob us while we’re at it sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not for everyone. Sex workers who sell their bodies will go out of business if this trend continues in the future.